Packing & Packing Services

We focus on producing quality, healthy plants and collaborate with breeders in Thailand for aesthetic hybrids and new varieties that are also suitable for commercial production. For packaging, we employ our unique wrapping technique to every single plant to ensure their health and looks upon arrival. With our fast, worldwide shipping network combined, our farm has gained recognition and trust from both domestic and international customers.

What Customers Need to Know

  •  While transported, the plants are sealed in dark boxes, so it is natural for some parts of green leaves to turn yellow and some variegated parts of variegated plants to turn brown.
  •  We provide additional cold insulation to boxes of plants to be shipped in winter. Customers in extremely cold regions should notify us of the temperature of the delivery address, as plants are vulnerable to damage when transported to locations where temperatures are below 5 °C. Thus, we reserve the right to take no responsibility for any plant damage caused by temperature.
  •  We strictly adhere to the regulations and customs clearance of each destination country as per customer request, but reserve the right to take no responsibility for any plant damage caused by the inspection of the customs officers. Customers thus have to take the risk themselves.

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